Working Hard with Wilco

November 18th, 2020/Business/Marketing, Product/

We love making friends with other businesses, but having strong relationships with their agencies is just as important! We’ve had the privilege of working with the Momentum Group for many years, and it simply never gets old. Jim Bork and his team at Momentum do an excellent job helping businesses with marketing and communicating with their individual audiences. They use smart research and creativity to cut through the clutter and help create authentic, sustainable growth.

This time, Momentum brought us together again to work with Wilco Supply. We’ve done some product photography with Wilco before and were happy to work with them again to provide some fresh imagery! Wilco works hard to provide high quality gutter services with competitive pricing, with an emphasis on prompt and professional customer service.

Product photography has its own unique challenges. The process can be especially challenging when that product is reflective, which is exactly what we were working with in this project. Working through Momentum and with Wilco is always a pleasure, however there is a tricky aspect to our work: since we have been building a library of images for Wilco over many years, it was crucially important that our current work match the previous photography, as this would enable both the client and the agency to seamlessly move photographs in and out of rotation. Flexibility is the name of the game here at Studio 13, and we were pleased to get a chance to do something ambitious with some old friends!

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