Our Process

It’s our process that assures our consistent output and client satisfaction time and time again.

STEP ONE: Vision Casting

It’s important to us that we exceed your expectations with every project, so the first thing we do is sit down to make sure the vision we bring to the project aligns with your desired outcome.  Our team works hand-in-hand with you to outline the project with the end in mind.  We sketch, we document, and we plan together to create the perfect action plan

STEP TWO: Select Your Experience

Once the action plan is in place, we ask the client to select the experience they want for their project.  Each of our experiences offers the client a variety of options to best match their desired outcome.  Here are our three experiences to choose from:


We work with your existing facility, and show it in its best light.  We capture the essence that truly makes it unique and help others see feel the space without ever having to step foot in it, or drive past it. You’ll say you’ve never realized it could look this good.


Sometime spaces can’t be captured in “big swoops”.  It requires us to dive the details and tell the story.  With this experience, we bring along our social expert with a second camera and let her loose on capturing all that the facility has to offer, including what’s hiding in the details that make the overall facility so breathtaking.  With this program, in addition to the high-end images that come with MAKE IT GREAT, we also provide the detailed vignettes and our writers diary to accompany them for social media, blogging and further marketing opportunities.


Often what your facility lacks is the vision and story of what it could be. Our MAKE IT EXCEPTIONAL program provides the most complete experience – by building on the foundation of what you have, we bring in the right balance of equipment, furniture, and people to bring a whole new life to the space.

STEP THREE: Create the Project Plan

After the completion of the vision cast and your selection of an experience, the team at Studio 13 goes back to outline all of the steps, resources, and equipment needed to execute the action plan.  Once we finish, we provide a detailed proposal to the client, outlining all of the steps, options and costs to consider

STEP FOUR: Schedule and Complete the Shoot

Here’s where we really get to shine and put our years of award-winning expertise to use!  During this phase, we take care of everything to make sure we capture the image we envisioned in our vision casting.

STEP FIVE: Deliver the final products