Mastering Your Brand’s Image: The Definitive Guide to Group Imagery


Welcome to your total guide on mastering your brand’s image through high-quality professional group photos! In today’s fiercely competitive market, establishing a strong online presence is essential for success. Your group photography is the face of your brand across multiple platforms online; it conveys your professionalism, credibility, and authenticity on social media, networking platforms, and your company’s website. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll ensure you not only understand the importance of group shots, such as leadership or collaboration images, but also have the tools to make informed decisions on your style and find the right photographer  that will achieve your professional goals.

Table of Contents:

Why Photograph a Group?

There are a number of  reasons to photograph a group. Many companies like to photograph the executive team to communicate consistency in leadership, advertise their youth or ingenuity, or display multigenerational leaders within the organization. Group photos can show off specialized departments or teams within the larger organization, putting a face to the names that clients might work with on a daily basis.

You could also photograph your entire staff to show the size or diversity of your company and that you have investment in your surrounding community. It can also communicate to your employees that you have pride in having them on your team and can aid in overall retention. 

Why Photograph Collaboration Imagery?

Collaboration imagery – small group photos of your team interacting with each other and highlighting the work that you do – can serve many purposes. First, collaboration images can promote the company culture you’ve strived to foster. They can say “our people matter” by portraying the work you do and your employees interacting with your office space and on-site amenities. 

Collaboration imagery can help you recruit and hire new, top notch talent or display the diversity of people and ideas that are found at your workplace. Collaboration imagery can also communicate a multitude of beautiful qualities to your clients, such as trustworthiness, transparency, authenticity, and approachability. 

What about turnover?

The question of how to address high turnover is a legitimate one for those who are considering capturing high-quality group shots or collaboration imagery. These are investments and you want to make sure they are shelf stable and able to serve you for years to come. The answer to this one lies in the power of photoshop! 

At Studio 13, when we take group photos, we will strategically pose your groups so that as your team members explore new opportunities and/or your team expands, we can photograph the new employees in the studio and place them into the gaps. Though this strategy does have its limits, this is a much more cost effective way to update your team photos than bringing a photographer to your location every time you have a new hire.

How to Find the Right Photographer For You

The right photographer for you will have extensive experience in the arena of corporate groups and can show you an impressive portfolio matching what you’re looking for. You should also pay attention to their personality. When working with groups of driven individuals, a photographer needs to be the perfect balance between professionally firm and flexible enough to roll with the punches of other strong personalities.

If you’re having trouble finding a quality photographer from an internet search, ask the other reputable companies in your area about their experience with their photographer. Ask about things like consistency, customer service, turn around times, and “bedside manner” behind the camera. These are the things you won’t be able to tell from a simple meeting with a potential photographer.

Weave your brand into the images

The beauty of group shots is that they are infinitely customizable to suit your company’s style and the brand identity you’ve worked hard to create. We’ve worked with many types of businesses – from healthcare to IT to finance – and they all had different styles we were honored to capture. 

For instance, a firm of lawyers might prefer a more posed and structured look. Creative professionals might prefer a laid back, casual dress code and posing . But you don’t have to fit in your stereotype! You can choose inside or outside, clustered or spread out, anything you want. When it comes to custom group photography, you’re the boss!


Congratulations, you now know everything you need to know to uplift your brand’s image through corporate group photographs! You now know how to use group photos and what questions to ask a potential photographer so they meet every expectation that you have. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to take the next step in finding the right photographer for you, send us an email at newbusiness@studio13online.com and we’ll be happy to exceed your expectations.

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