Gaining Momentum with Wilco

March 27th, 2019/Product/

All photographers, at one point or another, come to a point where they have to decide what their creative space looks like. This all depends on their preferred projects, lighting styles, and the size of what they photograph. There was a time where we had a brick-and-mortar studio, but over time we’ve noticed clients wanting us to come to their space to shoot—and we are happy to do it!

This week’s Journal features our recent project with Momentum, one of the advertising agencies we love to work with. Momentum is dedicated to creating a distinctive brand for their clients and giving them an individualized plan to help grow their business. They work tirelessly for market growth that is not only useful to their clients, but sustainable for the long-term operations.

Momentum contracted us to shoot for one of their clients Wilco Gutter Supply—a company located not too far from fountain square in downtown Indianapolis. They’ve been supplying gutters for residential and industrial use to the Midwest for years, and this is not the first time we have shot for them. In the past we have captured architectural shots of buildings with Wilco gutters on them for website and print publication purposes.

But this project was a little different. Wilco was in need of a library of images of their products as well as something that could more specifically be used on their vans as graphic wraps. Another usage for our images that is relatively common.

We knew that there were lots of products from their warehouse that we needed to photograph, so rather than figure out the logistics of transporting all of those products to another space we were glad to set up shop in their warehouse. Additionally, instead of giving up a day to be in a studio, the Wilco staff was able to spend the time they needed to on set, creative directing and giving feedback to Lesle, and go back to their offices when they weren’t needed.

Many of the Wilco products were reflective in nature which would be a challenge no matter where we were shooting.  The solution to this is the same whether working in a designated studio or in the warehouse:  we had to build a “tent” around the product so that we can control what is reflecting into the product.  For this project we used white background paper to make sure the copper and aluminum gutters really popped!

We are happy to make life easier for our clients in any way we can and in this job with Momentum at Wilco’s facility, they did the same for us! Their facility was able to meet our needs in ways we never could have predicted. This project taught us to never underestimate the power of thinking outside the box!

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