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September 4th, 2019/Architecture, Interior/

The beauty of commercial photography is that our creativity is never limited to one area; the diversity of our clients is eagerly reflected in the diversity of our portfolio. Sometimes we even find that one client has a variety of projects for us, and that’s certainly the case with this week’s client spotlight: Pivot Marketing.

Pivot is an Indianapolis based marketing agency that values progress and perspective. They work with the city’s developers, entrepreneurs, and marketers to find their competitive edge and stand out among the crowd. Their clients include a wide variety of companies so that means that we get to see lots of different locations and styles of buildings while working with Pivot.

Pivot contacted us to capture some new images for one of their clients, Curran Architecture. Curran has been designing retail, commercial, industrial, and medical buildings all around the Midwest for over a decade and have expertise in historical preservation and green building.

Last year, Pivot sent us to photograph the Brooks Distribution Center that Curran also designed. This time however we traveled to the United States Auto Club (USAC) headquarters right next to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the west side of the city. Curran had just completed a remodeling project for USAC, transforming their space from its original design to one with more natural light and large event spaces.

The most wonderful feature of this building was the interesting textures and mixing of materials that Curran chose to use. The renovated office space had a beautiful industrial style—and that’s not an oxymoron! Exposed beams and ducts in the ceiling gave the space industrial vibes while the touches of color and class made this space one anyone would like to work in.

What made this space unique also posed some challenges when we arrived in Speedway the day of the shoot. Because of how the space was laid out, large expanses of windows were situated right next to a long dark hallway (making lighting choices out of the ordinary). Lighting alone was not enough, so we combined the strobes we had with a little post production magic.  Several of the spaces had to be photographed in multiple exposures and then layered together to create the right lighting in all the right places.

Because this space was different from previous projects, more than ever we had to come into the space without forcing any notions of what we thought the space should be and simply focused in on what it was. We so loved the combination of a long and loyal client bringing us a fresh new space to photograph!

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