Communication is Key, featuring Curran Architecture

September 26th, 2018/Architecture, Exterior, Industrial, Interior/

As fall has settled in around Indianapolis, we here at Studio13 have kept plenty busy working with our clients–new and loyal alike. In all this business, we always like to take a moment to breathe and reflect on the great jobs we’ve completed. This week, we bring you the story of our experience with Curran Architecture.

We first connected with Shawn Curran, founder and CEO of Curran Architecture through his support of IndyCrew (Commercial Real Estate Women), where we have met many clients and wonderful business connections. Once Shawn took a look at our portfolio and decided that we were a good fit, he passed us onto his marketing agency, Pivot, who handles all his photography and promotions.

Jenn Schimmelpfennig founded Pivot Marketing when she was twenty-five and has been going strong in Indy for over a decade, finding a client’s “competitive edge” and helping them “steer clear of what everyone else is doing.” Jenn and the Pivot team are committed not only to quality marketing, but also to quality humans. The company works with various corporations and causes to help them make progress and Jenn volunteers for Indianapolis Parks Foundation and Exodus Refugee Immigration in her free time.

Although much of our work is directly with companies and any in-house marketing staff they have, we enjoy working through marketing agencies as well! It is not uncommon for us to get our assignments from agencies and find that we share a lot of the same vocabulary when discussing vision for a project, which can streamline communication and make preproduction meetings as efficient as possible.

The project that the Pivot team set for us was a brand-new shipping facility and distribution center for Brooks Running Shoes. We were tasked with photographing the warehouse and distribution center end to end. From the lobby to the loading docks and everything in between was our prerogative.

When it came to the exterior architectural shots, our challenge was the sheer magnitude of the building. We needed to be able to capture the entire warehouse while still including the landscaping work around it; without landscaping, the image could look incomplete and leave the onlooker without any context for the building.

Because this was a large facility, it took lots of coordination between everyone for the day to go logistically smooth. Pivot did a great job of being the link between us and the staff on site. We were also so thankful for a great facility manager to help us navigate this incredible site and interact with the crew working on the floor

On a lighter note, due to the massive size of the facility the warehouse had no air conditioning (yep it was a bit warm that day!). In the summer months, no AC can test most any human willpower, but luckily there were large fans both at ground level and in the ceiling moving the air around the space to keep it from getting stale (the warehouse crew should be happy that our architect specified product from another great client of ours that we wrote a blog about).

This job was an incredible example of good interdisciplinary collaboration at work. The people from Curran gave their vision to Pivot, the people at Pivot communicated it to Lesle, and the professionals at Brooks safely managed our time there. That kind of effective communication on every level of this project is not something you see every day!

Check back soon to see what stellar professionals we work with next!


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