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Hello and Happy April Showers from the team at Studio13! This week we bring you a Client Spotlight Journal about a client we have worked with for years (and been mentioned in other architectural journals): Ambrose Property Group.

Ambrose Property Group is a commercial real estate firm that has been engaging Indianapolis businesses in real estate development, brokerage, and property management for the past decade. The Ambrose team works with their clients to analyze their business plans and find properties to either rent or own that best suit their needs.

One of Ambrose’s most recent projects includes acquiring the old General Motors plant with plans to transform it into a downtown civic area including apartments, retail stores, and offices.  They are also in the process of developing an expansion on St. Vincent Hospital in Carmel to better serve the health needs of the community.  Previously they were involved in helping Stanley build their new facility and, as mentioned in a previous Journal post, were pivotal in the new Allied Solutions building. 

We first met Ambrose three years ago while working with the marketing firm MilesHerndon on Ambrose’s website redesign. Now, after photographing many of their development projects in the past few years, the team decided it was time for a refresh of their corporate headshots.headshot

As with many of our executives, President Aasif Bade and Vice President Pat Chittenden are very busy people so our job was to be as efficient as possible–working around their schedule while blending into the office environment.  Since we were very familiar with their office space, it was easy where to plan out our sets. We captured standard, gray background headshots in a large office space and then built up the second set in the lobby area where we showcased more open spaces with supplemental lighting, giving both photographer and subjects freedom to show off their personality.

We were also faced with the challenge of creating three variable looks in that one lobby because the weather did not permit the outside photography we were hoping for (snow…again!). Since we had worked with Pat and Assif within the past three years, we wanted to provide them with a different look than before rather than just repeating our previous shoot; we wanted to give them options. So with a little furniture rearranging and creative posing, we were able to accomplish three novel and unique looks for two executives in one space.  

This project showcases an important part of what we do every shoot – work within the constraints or time and client needs to give them as much variety as possible. Sometimes our clients have a small window of time to capture their headshot, and as long as we know ahead of time, pre-planning helps us to schedule our shoot to maximize efficiency.

Here at Studio13, we value continuity of our product; we strive to provide quality photography to clients no matter what kind of photography they need in a particular season of their business. 

Is there an area of your business you’re lacking photographs that reflect the quality of your company? Email us at to start a quote or talk about your photography needs. headshot

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