Working in industrial circumstances in one of our favorites!  There are so many variables to consider, from lighting to OSHA regulations, production schedules to break time.  These types of projects keep us hopping, and it’s enjoyable for me as a photographer to capture that energy.

This project began with BoldThink. A long-term client, BoldThink Creative is a small, yet mighty team of curious creatives, strategists, writers, developers, and data scientists with unique backgrounds that work together to compose brand stories, create compelling designs and sculpt strategies that move people to take action. 

For this project, BoldThink brought us a new client: Monday Voigt Products.  MVP specializes in error-proofed assemblies, kits, and packaging. They serve a diverse group of global clients with special expertise in the automotive, retail, and medical industries. For this specific shoot, we needed a combination of photographs with and without people.  We also had to figure out how to show two different parts of MVP’s business: the lines that were full of activity, as well as more stagnant areas that they still wanted to market.  

What really made the difference in this project was not only that a great agency was planning the day, but the team we had the privilege of working with at MVP was incredible. They were all on board with helping us capture the images that we needed.  In the midst of the bustle of trying to capture the perfect pictures, one of the robots had a lengthy pause in production.  The staff at MVP leapt into action and helped us stage shots at an integral part of the lasering process!  Unique situations like these make for an incredible end product.

Teamwork goes such a long way!