Working Hard with HWC

December 18th, 2020/Architecture, Exterior/

If it seems like we’ve gained a lot of new clients in 2020, you aren’t wrong! This time we added
HWC Engineering to the family. HWC is a full-service consulting engineering firm that provides water, transportation, landscaping, architecture, and planning services for both the public and private sectors. With 85 years in the construction business and 30 years in the business of professional engineering, HWC has amassed a talented group of professionals with whom it was a pleasure to work.

These two projects took us across Indiana to Seymour and Crawfordsville for two very different installations. In Crawfordsville, we photographed the first phase of a walking trail connecting Wabash College with downtown Crawfordsville. In Seymour, we had the opportunity to photograph the St. Louis Streetscape, which is a seating area and play area designed to help the local residents enjoy all that their quaint town has to offer.

On first look, photographing landscape architecture may seem straightforward. However, capturing the perfect outdoor image is a difficult art. Not only is the weather an ever-present issue, but in order to really show off the area, people must be involved in the pictures somehow or the scene loses its energy. Although these images may seem candid in nature, they most certainly are not. Once the angles were chosen, the architect and photographer worked together to place the people where they would accent but not distract from the installation. It was quite the collaborative effort!

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