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September 27th, 2017/Architecture, Exterior, Interior/

The well-known phrase “There are too many cooks in the kitchen” is not something we here at Studio13 believe in. We love collaborating with many different teams to make a wonderful end product. In fact, we love teamwork so much we decided to work on one single job with 4 clients! This week in our Journal, we take you on an adventure to the Tinker House!

This location is an event space located on the second floor of the historic Tinker House in downtown Indianapolis. Filled with antique brick, exposed woodwork, and trendy additions such as Edison bulbs, the space appeals to many demographics and can cater to a variety of gatherings, from business conferences to personal parties to maybe even a smaller wedding.

Third Street Ventures, a commercial real estate company, originally bought the building two years ago when it had been run down and unappreciated for quite some time. That’s when we came onto the scene. Even at that early point, Third Street Ventures had a vision for what that building could eventually be, and hired Lesle to capture a “before” shot for comparison to the finished product.

When she came back on the scene this year, Lesle was ecstatic to see how the team had renovated the building—not without some help, of course. There were three other companies involved in the creating the spaces for this project: the architect on the job- Site Architecture, third floor tenant – BlackInk IT, and the second floor tenant, Tinker House Events

All four of these businesses wanted to use the photography Lesle captured to promote their businesses as well as enter a few professional contests (like the JLL Spaces Indiana competition and Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Monumental Awards). There’s no pressure there, right? Four clients and two awards to back up with images? No problem for Studio13!

As our team—Lesle, Tena, and trusty assistant Ryan—entered the location, we were overwhelmed with the sheer size of the property. As an event space, the room is able to hold around 250 people and the cosmic feel of the space (pun intended) ate up our light. Luckily, our equipment is able to accomplish two different tones to achieve the balance of details and big picture (yes, that was another pun).

Then, everyone came to BlackInk IT’s office spaces on the third floor. This space had a similar vibe, beginning with brick walls, but the insides served a very different purpose. Unlike the large event space, this floor was an office, very functional and full of a very different kind of detail; the details fit in a smaller room. A change of mindset and lens makes all the difference in a fast paced, varied shoot like this one!

Another challenge was completing two shoots of the space—one in the day and one at night—and making them look like the same place but feel very different. The daytime shots feel light and vintage while the nighttime ones look modern and sleek. Two opposite styles provided by one incredible space.

I’m not one to do the math, but 1 location, 3 photographic professionals, 4 clients, 2 awards submissions, and nearly 10 hours, seem to add up to a full day to me! Check back soon to hear about another full day here at Studio13’s Photography Journal!

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