Who doesn’t love to travel? Our team has always enjoyed traveling for work and loved the opportunities to go to places like Florida, Cincinnati, and all over the state of Indiana. Our recent journey to Bloomington Indiana is courtesy of this week’s client spotlight: Champlin Architecture.

Champlin Architecture is headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio with offices in Dayton, Toledo, Lexington Kentucky and our very hometown of Indianapolis! They create beautiful and functional spaces for people to heal, work, play, worship, and discover. After seeing the work that we had done with other architects in the business, Champlin asked us to come photograph four of their newest completions in Bloomington Indiana for their marketing team.

We were so thankful for the team at Champlin for coordinating this shoot. With 4 different locations, all about an hour away, and different aesthetics for each one, this easily could have been a complicated and frustrating project. The teamwork and collaboration between us and Champlin made this job run smoothly and is a testament to the power of client involvement in a successful photo shoot.

The first location we went to was AP Biotech, a company that helps develop, manufacture and package medicines for clinical trials. This facility provided a wide range of places to photograph, from the manufacturing spaces to the warehouse to the offices. We even got to see some of the research and development laboratories. This experience was certainly one to add to our portfolio!

We spent the rest of our day at Indiana University, first to photograph the new dorm Champlin had just refinished. This multi-million-dollar project included a complete gutting of the massive living space and redesign to bring this dorm up to the 21st century. Champlin did an excellent job retaining the original limestone exteriors while incorporating more modern details for the interior design.

We also got to capture the recently expanded golf facilities that Champlin had designed on IU’s campus. Like the AB Biotech building, this was also a diverse location that included a mix of interiors and exteriors. Since the golf course is such a large space, lighting is an automatic concern. Without anything to bounce light off of, Lesle had to use her expertise in the functions of her camera to capture the beauty of the greenspace.

This project was incredibly diverse, even though all of the buildings were designed by the same client! Even though these locations were only an hour away, we enjoyed taking a stroll out of our usual town and stepped into a new world with the help of Champlin Architecture.