Top 5 Tech Trends in Photography for 2020

January 26th, 2020/Business/Marketing/

Keeping on top of the latest and greatest improvements to my industry is a full-time job! So whenever I want to know what is going on I always reach out to someone who does it for a living: Jeff Moore at Robert’s Camera. So here is his take on what is hot for 2020.


No back focusing problems here because you are focusing directly onto the sensor, not onto a mirror and then the sensor. Autofocus is really fast and Sony is leading the pack, especially for sports and high action photography. The down-side is the lenses. Although the big guns at Canon and Nikon make adapters to keep the lenses universal, that defeats some of the benefits of using shutterless technology. Also, if you are a fixed lens user, the technology isn’t complete on that front yet. The manufactures have released some standard glass, but they are in the process of adding more.


Go Dox is the latest in affordable, high-quality lighting. For the masses, it’s fabulous gear. No repairs needed because these 600-watt second units cost less than 1,000 and the solid construction lasts as long as much more expensive gear. They have a wireless radio sync system that can work with everything from on-camera systems to stand-alone heads as far as 300 feet apart. On the flip side, there is no ability to repair or service these lights. Once you break them or they stop working you are out of luck.


Some manufacturers are actually crossing continuous LED lighting with strobe technology. This type of lighting is becoming more and more popular with photographers that don’t need to freeze action. These work well for weddings but fall short in balancing with strong daylight as currently, they are only a meager 350 watt-second in power. Strobes are still a more cost-effective light source when working in conjunction with daylight.


With many still cameras being used for video there are now devices that will transmit 1080p video to a mobile device. Unlike other tools, this will actually allow the mobile device to record and save for immediate posting to social media. The difficulty is that this is now another device that needs connectivity to the camera causing some interference to an already small port space.


Young artistic photographers are driving the trend of bubble film. It comes either heat damaged or previously exposed and the user has no idea what to expect. The images captured will come out unique and the artist will be surprised by the outcome. Although not commercially applicable the creative factor is one that artists enjoy.

If one thing remains the same, it’s that technology will always change.  But regardless of what it may bring, it cannot replace the eye of the photography expert who knows how to best use these tools.

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