One of the best parts about the work we do is the amazing people we meet along the way. Networking groups, client referrals, word of mouth and social media connections are just a few of the ways we find opportunities to meet new friends and provide a memorable experience for them, their business, or someone they know.

Our recent experience with Point BioPharma came to us in a unique way, as one of our trusted Accelerant partners, Markey’s, introduced us to Maribeth Smith & Associates. We worked with the team at MBSA to photograph the Point BioPharma all-team meeting with staff members from all over the country. This project felt extra special to us. Not only was it multi-faceted with our team capturing the moments of the day and facilitating a pop-up headshot booth, but the event took place on the heels of a recent milestone for Studio 13. For years, our clients have requested we shoot events for them, and we have never had the bandwidth to do so. 2023 has been our first year with a full team and we’ve been thrilled to offer event coverage to our clients.

The day was jammed packed starting with a corporate breakfast, leading into featured speakers, awards & recognition and carrying into a bowling event and luncheon. The headshot booth was a huge hit among team members, allowing them to pop into the booth when they were ready and update their corporate photo. We completed over 40 headshots!

The power of networking is real. You never know who you’ll meet! We are looking forward to capturing events for our trusted friends and partners for years to come.