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February 22nd, 2017/Architecture, Interior/

Greetings and salutations from all of us at Studio 13 – wrapping up our 2016 projects we present images from Beazer homes. This is another new client but how we got the job was a bit through the back door (trying not to insert joke here!)

One of our clients, Julie Davidson at Binatone, has had us work on projects photographing everything from dog collars, to baby monitors, to headphones. When one of her projects needed a house for a location photography shoot, Lesle contacted ­­Danielle Maynard, a realtor with Carpenter Realtors. We had just photographed Danielle’s business portrait for her new website and marketing materials and we did it at a Beazer home.

Not only did Beazer Homes let us use one of their show homes for Julie, but then they asked us if we could photograph their newest construction in Noblesville, smack dab in the middle of Hamilton County, just north of Indianapolis. They asked for overall interior photography for the space, but also detailed, up-close-and-personal shots of various design elements for general marketing usage.

The house was unbelievable. Like what you would expect if you designed your own home: lots of floor to ceiling windows, a huge kitchen, creative light fixtures, and so much more. The house had a very open concept with lots of natural light flooding in from all directions. The interior design of the space was very modern, mixing textures more than colors, and staying with neutral tones from cabinetry, to flooring and countertops. Simply beautiful.

For potential buyers, this house was a dream come true.

For an architectural photographer, however, it turned out to be a bit of a challenge.

Since there were so many windows, the light in the house was very difficult to control so Lesle could capture just the right image. In order to attempt to control mother-nature, we blocked out some of the out-of-frame windows and hung light blockers on the outside of the windows to dim the daylight.

When the windows weren’t a challenge, our own lighting was. We could provide additional light to the set, but always had to keep in mind the color (warm or cool) of the other light around – mostly the cool daylight and strobes mixing with the warm incandescent lighting. Challenge accepted and conquered!

After the shoot was done and equipment pack, Lesle was satisfied with the day. She said, “Having such a difficult location, it was extremely gratifying to come away with such beautiful images.”

The great thing is, Beazer homes is a nationwide company, and we are honored that they chose us small-business photographer for their photography needs. It’s always great to see national companies like Beazer homes choosing local businesses for their needs and enriching the local economy.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next adventures in photography!

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