We have mentioned it so many times, but when we are referred to a new client, well… as Yoda would say, “Warm feelings, it brings!” Getting the call that Jill Rose at Rowland Design had referred us to the amazing group at Tri Delta had us thrilled to step up the plate. Tri Delta is an organization composed of an assembly of women with shared values who come together for the purpose of creating a supportive community. They promote personal growth, high ideals, friendship, and philanthropy. The organization’s dedication to lifelong learning and kindness toward all is admirable!

For this specific project, we were called to a newly renovated house on the campus of Lesle’s Alma Mater, Butler University. This project was nothing short of amazing. From the architectural design by Rowland to the beautiful interior spaces and the finishing touches put personally in place by the Tri Delta housing team, no detail was left unnoticed.

As with most jobs we do, there was a bump in the road along the way. We had to get in the house after it was complete in order to photograph the interior, but the shoot had to take place before the house was occupied. That requirement put us under an extreme shooting timeline. However, no challenge is unattainable with the right team! To speed things up, we brought in two photographic assistants and had the Tri Delta housing team onsite to oversee the final details. It was an amazing symphony of coordination to behold. We all came together to accomplish great things, and consequently produced some great results!

The folks at Tri Delta were amazing, and the shots certainly show all the work that was put into giving these college ladies a wonderful place to call home.