A Step in a New Direction for U Indy

May 23rd, 2018/Architecture, Exterior, Interior/

Sometimes it takes years for a business to convert prospects into clients and when that happens, it feels like you are at the top of your game. For us, University of Indianapolis is one of those new accounts we are glad to have! For the last 2 years, we have met with various people associated with the school—all the while awaiting our opportunity to shoot for the school itself. So when Trisha Smith, the director of marketing and communications for LK Marketing Services, referred us to the Vice President of U Indy, Lara Mann, we were thrilled.

For years the University has been creating buildings that are not only useful for their students but also beautiful for the everyday observer. The architecture at University of Indianapolis is so well crafted that the administration decided to begin offering certain spaces for private events. So far, the school has used these facilities for events, but only those directly for the university. Now, they are branching out to open its doors to private parties.

So, after an all-important location scout, we chose two interior spaces in particular to highlight: Health Pavilion and the Schwitzer Student Center. The challenge of the shoot was that it was graduation weekend – there was a lot of foot and car traffic that we had to work around. This made it hard not only for the outdoor shots of the Student Center but for indoor shots as well; you can’t exactly stop both foot and car traffic when the campus is full of friends and family.

Although it had its challenges, the good thing about graduation happening the same time as our shoot was that the space was already prepared for commencement related events so the setup time to make the space ready for us was minimal! Because of this, the team could more seamlessly to capture multiple shots in each location—with and without people in them. Since U Indy wanted marketing materials for a brand new function of their organization, we wanted to give them a variety of images for whatever they may need in the future.

Our goal was to showcase U Indy’s already stellar architecture and begin a photography library to promote their venture into event hosting. With patience, a tripod, and a few well-dressed models, we were able to capture the beauty of the already picturesque campus. Who said big cities were made only of skyscrapers?

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