Starting Fresh with Easter and Cavosie

July 29th, 2020/Corporate Portraiture/

Networking is an essential part of any business venture. Besides being an invaluable way to meet others with similar goals and ambitions, it’s also a good way to find new clients. We are part of several professional networking groups including IndyCREW, which has brought us so many projects from architecture, engineering and construction spaces. This is where we crossed paths with Betsy Huffman, an attorney at Easter and Cavosie.

The experts at Easter and Cavosie specialize in the construction and real estate industries, representing many of the country’s largest commercial and residential developers, managers, contractors, design professionals, and consultants. They were in the midst of designing a new website, and therefore needed to update the headshots of both attorneys and staff. This, of course, is where we came in. The perfect professional headshot can increase a potential client’s faith in the attorney and help them feel connected to the firm from the moment they enter the company’s website.

Sometimes when we go into a law firm, they know exactly what kind of work they want and how it should look. Other times, we have to help create a look for them. Easter and Cavosie was on top of the exact look and style they wanted and helped us understand precisely how they wanted to be portrayed on their new site. Our job was to make it happen! We worked together to special-order the perfect background and create a unique lighting setup to match the sample picture they provided, and the finished photos fit seamlessly with the firm’s image. 

The team members at Easter and Cavosie were so much fun to work with and were very pleased we were able to deliver exactly what they asked for. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction that comes from another job well done!

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