Essential workers in the field of healthcare are truly incredible people, so I was honored to be able to work with the wonderful team at Johnson Memorial Health for my most recent shoot.  Johnson Memorial Health, or JMH, is a nationally recognized network of physicians and advanced practice providers who provide healthcare to Johnson County and surrounding areas, with a particular focus on quality of care and service to their community. 

The work that Johnson Memorial Health does is nothing short of amazing, particularly in these unprecedented times.   Two years ago, JMH began a 47 million dollar project meant to house a new entrance, emergency room, and countless medical offices and treatment areas.  This project continued steadily until the recent pandemic began gaining steam, at which point JMH decided to focus all their efforts on completing one section of the building.  This completed section was immediately converted into a quarantine unit, used to help keep COVID-19 patients separate from the rest of the hospital and providing medical staff with plenty of room to care for those afflicted.  

Johnson Memorial Health is a longtime client, and it was an unbelievable privilege to go down and photograph their facilities before they officially opened.  I was in awe of the difference they were making in their community, and was pleased at the opportunity to showcase their hard work for the rest of the world to see.  Photography is a unique medium, as it provides a tangible image to associate with the incredible work that JMH is doing.  Through the last few years, my team and I have been helping them go through the process of re-branding and designing an entirely new website, as well as revamping their advertising strategies.  All this hard work culminates in an incredible healthcare resource for the surrounding community, and a shining light of encouragement for those struggling due to COVID-19.  

This week I was asked to go back once again to Johnson Memorial Health and provide some updated photos.  My team and I took the time to photograph some of their amazing nursing staff for their website, outdoor advertising, and recruitment.  The reason we were called back to JMH was because they had recently received an “A” letter grade for patient safety from the Leapfrog Group, which is a letter grade rating of how safe hospitals are for patients. The Safety Grade provides consumers with the critical information on how likely they are to experience accidents, injuries, errors or harm while in the hospital.  Since I had seen their clean, modern facilities and met the amazing people who work at JMH, I was pleased to hear of their accomplishment.  Johnson Memorial Health is making great contributions in the field of healthcare, and the team and I were happy to be able to provide some updated images and recruitment tools to help JMH grow and thrive!