Reaching New Heights with Salesforce Tower

April 18th, 2024/Architecture, Industrial, Interior/

Every once in a while, a job comes across your desk that makes your career. A project so special
that you jump at the opportunity to meet with the owners to quote the shoot. The chance to
photograph an iconic building in your home state…you would change just about anything in your
calendar to meet the request of the client…and you do.

Lesle kicked off 2024 hitting this career milestone in the first quarter after a generous referral
from our friends and loyal clients at Cushman & Wakefield. With this owner having a home base
in Oklahoma City, we worked with our point of contact at their office to schedule a walk through
of the building to ensure we could deliver exactly what they envisioned. Lesle met the Square
Deal Investments team, as well as the General Manager of the building, at the Salesforce Tower
in downtown Indianapolis and scoped out every inch of the newly renovated structure.

Opening in 1990, the Salesforce Tower is the tallest building in the state of Indiana with 48
floors. Our team was tasked with photographing all the renovations, including the fitness center,
conference center, lobbies, atriums, the 35 th floor and two parking garages. While incredibly
exciting, we met many of the challenges photographers face when shooting such expansive space
like capturing shots from multiple unique angles, juggling the color temperatures and available
light depending on time of day and just the overall size of the space. The project was completed
throughout a series of weekends over eight weeks to avoid interfering with the hustle and bustle
of the work week and weaving in and out of businesspersons each day. Big shout out to our
amazing associate photographers, Carrie and Nicky for their dedication to assisting on this shoot.

Capturing the “king” of the Indy skyline was both extremely difficult and extremely rewarding.
Truly a bucket list opportunity. Looking at the finished shots, the whole Studio 13 team feels so
proud of the accomplishment. We cannot wait to see these images in circulation, as they will be
used by Cushman & Wakefield, Salesforce Tower’s commercial leasing agent of record.

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