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April 13th, 2017/Food and Beverage/

Hello readers of the Internet! Happy April!

In honor of the recent national holiday April Fools Day, we here at Studio13 bring you a story of our resident magician (Lesle) doing the incredible (and we aren’t even fooling you!).

Recently, we have worked with the Lafayette-based advertising agency, Indiana Design Consortium (idc). Their mission is focusing on marketing strategy and breaking out of the antiquated methods of cold-calling and interruptive telemarketing or spam email. Their goal is helping their clients reach customers where they want to receive the information; today’s market looks for things when they are ready, and idc plays to their tastes using newer media such as websites, social media, or blogs.

idc reached out to Lesle in order to quote a job for high-end food photography as well as e-commerce style product photography in one huge shoot. Once they sent us a style guide for what they wanted the end product to look like, Lesle could give an estimate based off of the style and number of shots. And away we go!

Lesle began to tackle the four-day shoot, with help from idc’s Owner, Patrick Nycz, and Art Director, Kristy Blair. Oh, and we cant forget everyone’s favorite food stylist, Louis Rub! He was especially important since idc’s end user for the images was a pork producer and to sell things like bacon, you better believe Luis is going to make your mouth water.

Even for a studio photography session, there was a lot of work involved with the process of making this a reality; first came the initial request for information, followed by multiple clarifications of shot lists, style guides, and estimates, and a pre-production meeting or two. Then came the prop shopping (and who doesn’t like shopping?), delivery of the product involved in the shoot, and a pre-lighting day, making sure once Patrick and Kristy were there, things could run as smoothly as possible.

After the four days of intense shooting were over, there was still another step: image delivery! With all that to coordinate, it’s a wonder that Lesle didn’t fall over from all the scurrying around. But as I said, she’s a magician, and thoroughly cut out for this kind of pressure work (and I’m not her, so I have the right to brag on her!).

At the end of the week, I’m sure the entire team left feeling exhausted yet thoroughly accomplished. As Lesle said, “It was a fabulous shoot – we created some great imagery and had a wonderful time doing it!”

Check in again soon and maybe our next blog will also involve everybody’s favorite meat: bacon!

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