The CAT is out of the Bag

October 11th, 2017/Exterior, Industrial, Interior/

Hello our dear Journal readers! Today we are making a shift in our recent Journal topic—we are going from architecture to industrial photography!

Here at Studio13, we enjoy exploring all facets of our business. No matter what this years Journal entries might say, we do more than architectural photography…our clients range from restaurants to marketing agencies to national industrial companies. Today, we get to collaborate with Abrose Property Group and Pepper Construction on the distribution floor of the CAT manufacturing factory!

We have known and worked with Ambrose for about 5 years, on various projects; Ambrose is a commercial real estate and property development business who has been operating in the Midwest for nearly a decade. Although Ambrose did the property development on the CAT facility, our client Brad Willy from Commercial Works (remember this Journal from the summer?), formally introduced us to Katie Wilkins at Pepper. As a new client, she wanted some images captured of their recent construction in Lafayette, Indiana.

Lesle and the team travelled to Lafayette and first noticed the enormity of the building. Capturing exteriors would be a challenge, but nothing compared to the attention to detail needed in planning the interior shoot. The facility was a fully operational distribution center while we were in there, so making sure we could capture what we needed while being safe around heavy machinery was the biggest concern. Luckily, Lesle has been working in the manufacturing space for nearly 25 years so this is no problem. Hard hats and steel-toed boots are second nature to her!

There was also a lot of cooperation needed between the employees at the facility and our photography team. We had to coordinate to make sure a) that we kept any confidential pieces of equipment confidential b) that we didn’t disrupt the work flow and c) that we could get the shot we needed with as few people as possible. The hardest part of this job was being in the way all the time!

Even with the chaos of a busy workday, forklifts running to and fro, and shipping containers stacked 3 stories high, we were able to hang up our hard hats and safety glasses after a job well done. The images speak for themselves: from exterior to interior, large scale to small details, we LOVE industrial photography!

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