In our line of commercial photography, a lot of our work comes through contact with marketing professionals. We often have never met the client we are shooting for and all of our information comes from our meetings with the marketing directors in a third-party company. This is how our collaboration went with this week’s client spotlight, MKR (and the results speak for themselves!)

MKR is a fusion between a creative media company and a digital/social media company located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. MKR creates customer experiences that set a company apart today and sets them up for success tomorrow. Their proprietary 4-point system engineers a process for reaching every niche of your market with the foundational understanding that the customer comes first.

As MKR worked out the details with their client, a global biomedical company, they were able to come to us with a clear and direct understanding of their goals for this photography project. MKR needed us to provide product photography with and without models for this biomedical company to use on their website and advertisements. A specific end use and direction for a shoot gives us an opportunity to jump a step forward in our creative process!

With the variety that MKR was looking for in a shoot, we knew that this would be an extensive process. For this project, we knew we would need to assemble a team with multiple assistants, a makeup stylist, and a variety of models in order to fulfill the end client’s specific needs. In an effort to keep a cap on costs MKR offered their in-house studio space as a location. This space worked well for the vision they had, that all images would be shot on a white background, but the models would be moving in and out, and all the products would be placed multiple different positions.

There were a lot of moving parts to this shoot and a lengthy shot list, but the team took it in stride, and it built a sense of comradery between us. It was a lot of fun to see the personality of the models as they interacted with the product—and the photographer.  We were able to see these models in their natural habitat and watched as they created a bold presence on the set.  After we were done with the models, we were able to redirect and focus in on the intricacies tabletop product photography.

Sometimes clients, such as MKR, know exactly what they envision for their photography. Other times, a client will come in knowing that they need images, but unsure of what that would look like. Whether or not a client knows what they want, we can work with the core of who they are and collaborate to create something spectacular and representative of their brand.