International Adventures with Phantom Screens

March 4th, 2021/Architecture, Exterior, Interior/

Working with national clients always feels special, and we are pleased that feeling happens on a somewhat regular basis here at Studio 13. However, working for international clients doesn’t happen quite as often and it’s an exciting adventure! Today’s client focus, Phantom Screens, found us through a referral from our friend and long-time patron Greg Goelzer of Goelzer Investments.

Phantom Screens is a frontrunner in retractable screen technology, allowing clients to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with the elements. In addition to distributing through the largest Authorized Distributor Network across North America, Phantom also has a blog full of inspiration for home improvement, design projects, and ideas of livening up the home. Phantom has a clear vision and focus on improving peoples’ lives through their retractable screens and we were pleased to help them share that vision with the world!

Having a client in Canada meant that Zoom meetings and locations scouts were an absolute must. The specific Phantom product we were working with was a retractable wall, or screen, system that makes outdoor living spaces usable in the winter. The focus of the project was to show the relationship between an outdoor living space and the indoor environments, and how Phantom’s product could help connect the two and expand the room’s range of use. This shoot was challenging from the standpoint of balancing lighting: capturing both indoor and outdoor light in these sorts of circumstances is always a unique struggle, particularly when the product in question needs to be photographed in multiple positions from each angle.

However, if you’ve followed our previous projects, you know that we love a good challenge! The end result was simply beautiful. We are hopeful to work with Phantom again at other installations around the United States!

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