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June 30th, 2021/Architecture, Exterior, Interior/

You may remember our recent client spotlight about the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center with Kimball International. Well, that was only one part of a multi-day shoot at this state-of-the-art facility!

Our long-time client Hafer was the local architecture firm for the project, and we were thrilled to go and capture some beautiful interior and exterior shots of this magnificent building. Hafer places high priority on creating environments that have purpose beyond mere function, aiming to impact peoples’ lives through thoughtful and inspirational designs. The Hafer team believes that the responsibility of an architecture firm goes beyond turning clients’ dreams into realities. They emphasize how the design of a given space impacts the surrounding community, seeking to enhance the quality of life for all who use the environment they create.

There are always challenges with architectural photography when the space is extraordinarily small, or conversely, quite large and spacious. For this shoot we were working with the latter, which created a need for precision both in the camera work and in post-production. With such a big space with a large quantity of glass, we had to calculate when the sun would be streaming through all the windows for the ideal shot. We also had to consider the color temperature of the other light fixtures and how that light would interact with the natural lighting.

Some of these issues could be corrected on-site with the addition of artificial lighting; other challenges had to wait to be addressed until we placed the files into Photoshop. To add to the post-production complexity, when we captured images for this job there was still no green grass around the facility or any leaves on the trees. This meant we had to work some magic in order to accurately represent the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center’s environment.

All challenges ultimately have solutions, and we certainly ended up with a fabulous result on this

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