How Effective Photography Will Simplify a Complicated Corporate Message.

Marketing a company can be simple; food, clothing, and furniture speak to every audience! But if your business appeals to a very narrow clientele, an advertising strategy does not come as easily.

If you work in industries like construction, industrial, or manufacturing this might be your story: in an increasingly visual culture, your audience likely glances over your copy and your central message gets lost in their speed reading. Utilizing imagery is the fastest way to tell your story with your viewers’ ever-shortening attention span.

Still don’t know if this image-first approach is right for your company? Here are 5 other reasons to consider telling your story through photography:

1. Make a Quick Impact

Images grab a reader’s attention and sustain it enough to read what you have to say. There is a reason they say a picture is worth a thousand words: a picture shows what you could spend 1000 words trying to explain. Your SEO buzzwords may make search engines pay attention but pictures make your target audience pay attention. 

2. Show Your Process

Ever had a potential client glaze over while you explain what you do? In complicated industries like manufacturing or engineering, sometimes it’s too technical for the average person to understand. Images can provide a context that words may not provide—especially for visual learners. You can bust the learning curve separating you and a potential client by utilizing photography.

3. Control Confidentiality

Many of the clients I work for have their own specialized processes for doing what they do well. They can’t use technical data in their marketing efforts because it would give their eager competitors a look in on trademarked information.  By telling the story through photography instead of words, we can choose what we put in the frame and what we purposefully keep in the dark.  This keeps all company secrets from getting out.

4. Create Drama

Let’s face it, not every part of the industrial and manufacturing sector is glamorous. Knowing how to light a photograph and how sharp to make it can show a potential client where to focus on, rather than them having to guess and accidentally see the less visually appealing side of your work.  While a stranger’s eye might see just another construction site, the right photographer can see the “diamond in the rough” and add a little flair to perfect it.

5. Leverage Your People

Introducing the human element to marketing images enhances your ability to tell your story by adding characters. In a world that is getting more and more computerized, having an actual person working on production, customer service, or order processing can let a prospective client know you are a hands-on company. Good employees are hard to find and you should show yours off!

If you think images could be important to your marketing strategy, don’t settle for less than spectacular! Contact us at to get the ball rolling with a quote or meeting to discuss your photographic needs.

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