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June 12th, 2019/Industrial/

We absolutely love getting referrals. As we all know, networking is the lifeblood of much of today’s business. But I’m talking about something deeper than this. To us, referrals are a stamp of approval from somebody who already knows the ins and outs of how we work with clients, their ideas, and ultimately, the finished product. This week’s client spotlight starts out as a seed planted from a referral and blossoms into a project we can hang our hats on.

One of the companies in our professional network is Axiomport, a branding and marketing agency. Their team works for their clients tirelessly to create compelling messages and make them be heard in this competitive market. One of Axiomport’s team members Scott Johnson referred us to the team at Hoosier energy to take a look at our recent work.

Hoosier Energy is an electric cooperative that works with member organizations all over the state. Founded in 1949 and still based in Bloomington Indiana, Hoosier Energy is a home-grown non-profit dedicated to providing assured, reliable and competitively priced energy and services in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.

Our assigned task was no small cookies. Hoosier Energy was looking for photographs from two stamping plants that captured vast amounts of space. And since Hoosier Energy’s members stretch across the entire state of Indiana, that meant traveling to PK USA in Shelbyville and TOA in Mooresville.

Arriving at these plants meant a lot of careful planning and considerations that we only encounter at industrial sites. First, we always have to plan for safety. Even with all the experience we’ve had shooting in factories, you should always stay vigilant around heavy machinery. Additionally, although we were a couple degrees removed from Hoosier Energy, we were still acting as their representatives as their photographer. So it was important for us to be respectful of the space and the manufacturing process as we worked our way through the space.

With six images to capture at each facility, we knew we would have to be purposeful and fit a lot in each shot. With the complexity of what is created in these facilities, it wasn’t difficult to zoom in on small details but also capture the big picture. We were able to incorporate both human and robotic resources that these plants use and really focus on the areas which use energy while showing off the manufacturing process.

From small to big, energy to factories, referral to a two-day location shoot, this job was completely Hoosier home grown. We are always glad for each one of our our referrals and the community spirit of Hoosiers helping other Hoosiers.

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