Highlighting the Landscape with HWC

October 21st, 2021/Architecture, Exterior/

Some people think that photographing exteriors of buildings is just like shooting landscape architecture.  After all, they’re both outside—how dissimilar can it be? The surprising answer is “Quite different, actually!”  The variables a photographer has to juggle when shooting landscape architecture are vast: showing off streetscapes, parks, playgrounds, and splash pads requires a good bit of planning, excellent models, and a little bit of luck.

Our recent project was in Rushville, Indiana with HWC Engineering where we captured Overlook Park, the Main Street improvements, Flat Rock Trail, Gateway Park and the Morgan street corridor.  HWC is a full-service consulting engineering firm providing creative solutions for their clients in the public and private sectors. Their areas of expertise include water, wastewater, stormwater, transportation, inspection, site engineering, survey, landscape architecture and planning. HWC makes a point of understanding the crucial factors of funding sources and the economic development aspects of our projects, as well as striving to be aware of the long-term effects their projects will have on the communities they serve. 

This photographic project spanned a wide number of blocks. We were thrilled to work with some great clients who provided the models and coordinated our shooting schedule. The modeling was wonderfully candid, as we were able to creatively place the children and adults in a playful manner (namely, by actually letting them play!) while still showing off the project as a whole.  Lesle always calls this controlled chaos: she doesn’t want the models to appear too stiff and staged, but at the same time the placement is important enough that there must be some sort of creative direction.

It was a beautiful day, a great time, and produced some fabulous images.

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