High-Quality Shots with Hafer Design

October 7th, 2020/Architecture, Exterior, Interior/

We love the fact that we get to travel and work with great people all over the Midwest. Studio 13 is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, which puts us in a perfect position to work with as many Midwestern businesses as possible! This journal takes us to Jasper, Indiana, to finish up a project from last year for Hafer Design. The unusual circumstances surrounding 2020 have forced many businesses to step up and adapt their plans for a new environment, so we were thrilled to have a chance to finally complete this project!

Hafer Design provides high quality design services throughout the Midwest, with a talented in-house team of architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, interior designers, and landscape architects. Besides offering a broad range of architectural, interior design, and overall planning services, Hafer is also making significant steps in the realm of sustainable design. This particular project tasked us with photographing an outside work and play space with the people at the Kimball headquarters, another company we’ve worked with in the past. Hafer wanted us to capture the space in a natural way, including people in the photos in order to show off the purpose of the space.

This process was more tricky than one might initially think, as the composition of the photos wasn’t just about the buildings: we needed to balance the lighting that was best for the architecture without casting odd shadows on the people in the pictures. Even though the goal of the session was to capture casual-looking photographs, every person involved was precisely placed and posed so as not to distract from the building in the shot. We at Studio 13 always appreciate a good challenge, and so we absolutely loved using all the tools in our image-capturing toolbox to meet the needs of our clients!

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