Helping New Hires at Valve and Meter

September 23rd, 2020/Corporate Portraiture/

One thing that we at Studio 13 love is collaboration, and photography is the perfect industry for that mentality! Working with friends and fellow business owners can provide exposure to a variety of new experiences. As we have mentioned in previous client spotlights, Studio 13 is a corporate partner in the national business development platform Accelerent, which is where we learned about the amazing marketing firm Valve and Meter. A fresh face in the marketing world, Valve and Meter is a full-service performance marketing agency built to uncover, develop, and execute innovative strategies for growing businesses. Their inventive approach demands an image that communicates their message and values, and the perfect pictures help businesses execute that image.

Naturally, we were thrilled when Valve and Meter contacted us to photograph their new hires. What we didn’t know going into this project was that our long-time friend Joshua Cook is the VP of Marketing Services for Valve and Meter. Not only were we getting to collaborate with a fellow business, but also with a friend. As with many firms, Valve and Meter had an established look and feel for their corporate headshots. Our job was to go in and match what imagery they already had to the best of our ability. Helping someone’s vision become reality is always difficult, but matching an already established image is a unique challenge within itself.

We enjoyed working with the team at Valve and Meter as we helped them establish the new hires as part of the corporate image. Whether the desired headshots are environmental-style or with a seamless studio look, we love working with awesome people like those at Valve and Meter!

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