Headshots with Plews Shadley Racher & Braun

March 21st, 2024/Uncategorized/

If you’ve followed Studio 13 for any amount of time you may start to see similarities within our journals. Of course, with our specialty being architectural photography, you can expect many of our posts to be about the commercial real estate companies we work with. Another consistency you will start to find is that we will always jump at the chance to highlight the networking organizations that lead us to new clients and opportunities.

IndyCREW is a business network exclusive to commercial real estate professionals in the Indianapolis area. Part of the CREW network, the local chapter was established in 2001 and provides members with access to over 14,000 members globally. Our connections within IndyCREW led us to working with the fantastic team at Plews Shadley Racher and Braun. After meeting a partner from PSRB at a CREW luncheon, Lesle was connected with the firms marketing manager to discuss revamping the portfolio headshots.

To achieve the vision of the firm, we made the plan to shoot each individual on a blank white background, shot at different focal lengths so the marketing team had options to choose from. Additionally, Lesle took environmental shots throughout the office space so that she could easily drop the desired backgrounds into the captured images of the team members. This gave multiple background options so the client could use each image in different ways. As new employees are hired, it’s easy to take a portrait of them and then photoshop into the environmental backgrounds are needed. All from one white background shot!

Headshots are one of the longest arms to our business and we love creating clean, crisp, streamlined portraits that capture team members in the way clients are hoping. Thank you to the PSRB team for a great day!


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