Lesle Lane

I believe sometimes people are simply born to do something.

Because of my family, I’ve had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember.  Over three generations my family has captured fine art, portraits, weddings, and even National Geographic stunners through the lens of a camera.  Our family has covered the spectrum.  However, as fate would have it, my step-father was the only commercial photographer of the bunch.  Stepping out of his shadow—and doing what I was born to do—required me to realize what was important to me as a photographer: lighting, composition, attention to detail, customer service, and a passion for what you do.

In 24 years of professional photography, I’ve worked with a multitude of clients and won many awards, but what I value most is the relationships that I’ve built with clients and strategic partners—who, over time, become good friends.  Although I’m the eye behind the lens, award-winning commercial photography takes a team, and I’m fortunate to have always worked with the best.

Whether your need is in the realm of architecture, corporate portraiture, or food & beverage, I’m ready to put our passion and expertise to work for you.  Let’s capture something great together!