Getting the Shot with Northwestern Mutual

March 9th, 2023/Corporate Portraiture/

The importance of referrals in this industry cannot be overstated, and we are grateful every time Studio 13 is recommended to someone new! We have Brian Gray at Miller Brooks to thank for our recent project at Northwestern Mutual. The financial planning advisors at Northwestern Mutual recommend financial strategies based on each client’s life and priorities, designing each plan to help clients reach their unique goals. We were requested to capture some headshots of the team. These images were supposed to be straightforward, captured on a white background and in an office environment. In addition to the environment changes, the client wanted waist-up and full-length options for photoshopping into group shots later, if needed.

Logistics are always tricky, and this project was no exception. The client was hopeful of getting some group shots in the common space/lobby of the office building, but hadn’t consulted building management before we got there. Naturally, management had some concerns about a photography team being there: liability issues, tripping the power to the building with our lights, movement of lobby furniture… Lesle handled the situation with her typical professionalism and assuaged the manager’s concerns with a certificate of liability for any issues, creating a lighting setup where our lights were plugged into the client’s offices, and promising to only minimally move furniture as needed. A special shout-out goes to our insurance agent, Man Phung, who promptly provided the needed certificate when we emailed that same day.

Things happen. Unexpected challenges arise. In those times, it’s important to keep a level head and try to find a solution that makes everyone happy. We ended up with some great group shots and collaboration images, with enough versatility to serve the client for a long time.

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