Working in the industrial and manufacturing space is one of our favorite things to do here at Studio 13. Naturally, when Gotham Strategic gave us the call about one of their clients in the Midwest that fit the bill, we jumped at the chance to work with Connectronics.

Gotham Strategic is a North Carolina-based industrial marketing company with a tight-knit team of marketing experts that provide strategic, creative services to manufacturers worldwide. Gotham’s group of strategic, industrial marketing experts aim to help companies grow sales in existing markets and establish a presence in new ones. Their client, Connectronics is a manufacturing company creating a unique variety of connectors and adapters, including standard, non-standard, custom, and hard-to-find components, based out of Edinburgh, Indiana.

Our scope was to give a comprehensive coverage of the people and processes involved in the work that Connectronics does. This included everything from the front-of-house office staff working in their environment, updating corporate headshots to shooting architecturals of the outside of the Connectronics facility and showing the manufacturing machinery and operations. The client wanted to make sure that the story of the organization was clearly portrayed, how Connectronics handles every part of the development of their product from the raw material entering the building to the end result shipping out.

We at Studio 13 always appreciate the opportunity to highlight the amazing processes involved in the world of manufacturing and industrial work, so this project was a lot of fun for our team. It was quite an exciting day with great people!