In business, it’s building relationships that leads to new opportunities. To that end, IndyCREW has become so much more than a networking group for Studio13. It is a group of fabulous and powerful women who have become friends as well as resources for the business. That’s where we met Brittany Heidenreich of TLF Engineers. When her company decided they needed to update headshots, they gave Studio 13 a call! TLF is an Indianapolis engineering firm specializing in project management, design, and engineering solutions. They’ve established a reputation for high quality and innovative engineering, and are committed to excellence for all their projects, regardless of size.

It’s no secret that most people like to see the faces of the people they work with, so well-composed employee headshots are crucial to any business. The goal of this project was to update all staff member headshots in a manner that was consistent with TLF’s image and easy to maintain when the company had new hires. We collaborated with Brittany as well as Cheryl Bir, the manager of human resources, to conduct this shoot. Together, we decided to use a clean white backdrop with an even lighting setup–simple, professional, and replicable. Photographing people in the era of COVID regulations always has its challenges, but Cheryl worked the schedule so that only one subject at a time was in their studio location. In addition to her efforts, we at Studio 13 kept our team to an absolute minimum. There will always be challenges with any shoot, and the key to success is understanding how to work around those challenges and still come out with a great product.

And with that, it’s another project in the books with the fabulous team at TLF!