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August 22nd, 2018/Architecture, Interior/

While writing this Journal, I could have sworn we already wrote one about this client.  Turns out that the job I was thinking about happened before we even started our blog! That’s how long we have been working with Patcraft Flooring. We are currently their go-to photographer for the Midwest and have done many projects over the years; if the project is within five hours of Indianapolis, we are there! We’ll take the opportunity to travel anytime it comes our way. This time we were at the NeuroBehavioral Hospital of Northwest Indiana/Greater Chicago in Crown Point Indiana.

In the years of doing photography, Lesle has captured lots of medical-type buildings. We’ve photographed working hospice centers, nursing homes, general hospitals and surgery centers and each time we have to make sure we have the right team assembled to give the patients and staff the respect they deserve while fulfilling the reason our client hired us. This was the first time, however, our team has photographed a neurological hospital.

Shooting for a flooring company shares a lot of principles with architectural photography but with a slight twist. Instead of focusing on the structure of a space, we have to highlight the floor of a room—something most people walk over without a second thought—while including a taste of the rest of the room for aesthetic completeness.

Patcraft is based out of Dalton Georgia and with our local point representative otherwise occupied on the day of the shoot, we had to plan out the shoot to the nines in the pre-production phase.  After 25 years of experience in the business, and with floor plans in hand, Lesle was able to make a detailed shot list to capture all that the client wanted. This made the day go much smoother and allowed the director of marketing to feel that the shoot would go well without her there.

The client wanted to feature not only the flooring, but how it interacted with the flooring around it. And this hospital facility had over six different types of floors! Between featuring flooring and transitions, we had a full day of shooting. These images will end up being used by Patcraft for marketing, advertising, on their website and used for proposals for upcoming similar projects.

Luckily for us, the facility began accepting patients the day we shot—and only opened one wing for those patients—so we were able to move about freely and capture what we needed without disturbing the intake process for the healthcare providers.

Through this full and emotional day, we have a newfound respect for the health professionals that work with those with neurobehavioral disorders. Thank you to all of those dedicated men and women who keep patients safe and work them towards wellness.

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