Flying High with Flad Architects

December 22nd, 2021/Architecture, Exterior/

Part of real life is that you don’t get every job. That may sound surprisingly negative, but it’s true–in business, you can’t win them all. So even though we were disappointed that another photographer was chosen for the job of shooting the interiors of the Purdue Agricultural Biological and Engineering building, we thanked everyone for the opportunity to quote the job and looked forward to what was next. But then, just a couple short months later, the lead architectural firm Flad Architects contacted us again. We were thrilled to provide another quote and subsequently win the job shooting the exterior portion of the same building at Purdue!

Flad is a brand new client for Studio 13, and we are so happy to welcome them into the family. Flad is a national planning and design firm committed to creating environments that enhance human potential. In partnership with leading research organizations, universities, healthcare institutions, and science-based companies, Flad designs innovative facilities with standout dedication to detail. Fostering a collaborative atmosphere allows Flad to solve unique problems and adapt to meet clients’ needs.

Even though exterior photoshoots can be fairly straightforward, this project had some specific needs. First, the client wanted sunrise images that spotlighted the greenspaces and footpaths more than the building itself. How the building was nestled into the existing campus was a very important factor. Secondly, showing people interacting with the outdoor space was a priority. We spent the better part of a day accomplishing all the clients goals and had a great time doing it.

We at Studio 13 were so pleased to win this job and get to know our new friends at Flad!

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