Doctors Being Doctored

January 18th, 2017/Corporate Portraiture/

Something we at Studio13 value in our connections is clients who keep coming back to us, and return to us for their photography needs across time, careers, and positions. That’s just what happened this past year with our good friend Jeff Dutton. He’s been our client for 15 years across multiple professional transitions, and most recently as the Director of Marketing with Johnson Memorial Health.

Johnson Memorial’s immediate photographic need was in corporate portraiture; they needed a library of images of their doctors, nurses, and other professionals to use in various marketing materials, in both individual portraits and group images.

So Lesle made her way to Johnson’s Regional Health Center. As we soon found out is a challenge with medical photography, health care professionals are busy folks with lots of patients to look after. All of the doctors who we had contacted to be in this shoot, did not have schedules that lined up; there was not one time that day they could all spare to be photographed in a group.

Although it is a far easier and time-effective process to gather the people together and capture what is needed in the camera, but when the project calls for it – like this project did – we do have the ability to do a little bit of magic. In this case, Lesle captured the environment without anyone in it, and then whenever the doctors had a moment in their schedule, captured them individually, making sure to record all of their heights, distance from the camera, and position of the camera.
Once all the camera work was finished, extra photoshop work comes into play, and the images were spliced together to create the finished product. One might say this image was, in fact, doctored (bah dum, tss)

Alright, moving on…

One of the more posed shots Lesle did, that had a specific purpose in mind, was for an ad campaign for Johnson Memorial’s Cancer Center. The idea from Jeff was that the nurse in the picture should be intense, to communicate the commitment to excellent care, but still warm and inviting to communicate a sense of truly caring. The challenge was to make a person look passionate while at the same time looking compassionate.

It was so great to work with Jeff again, as well as all of our repeat clients in this past year, and look forward to many more in 2017!

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