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January 24th, 2018/Architecture, Exterior, Interior/

The weather outside might leave much to be desired, but the business here at Studio13 is as hot as ever! This week, we step back to our client spotlights, with DELV Design, an architecture firm based out of Indianapolis.

For most Journals, we tell you how we came to a project, what challenges we faced while there, and the features that truly made it one of a kind. This week, however, is a Journal about the large scope of the work that DELV does and how we were able to showcase a good deal of that for their business.

DELV is intentional about diversity in their work; it is this diversity that keeps the work inside the studio fresh and fun. Amanda Welu, a partner with the firm, says, “Because we’ve rooted our practice in design thinking methodology, our ability to solve complex problems isn’t confined to any particular industry.”

And the broad scope of their work proves that!

The Studio13 team was able to travel to different spaces around Indiana and photograph the work that DELV has done over the past few years.

Our first example is Capital Cities Investments. This investment advisory firm hired DELV to build out their newly acquired space, and do it in a way that expressed their unconventional brand. Taking a play from their name, the design emulates Indianapolis’s axial layout with radiating lines and bold colors, bringing a fresh, new flavor to the stereotypically dull financial market.

We also went to Coast to Coast Imports a car importer and dealership located on the “Auto Mile” in Indianapolis. In 2016, DELV was commissioned to create a brand new building for the Coast to Coast’s flagship store, The Collection. They created a stunning four-story display that put’s the store’s inventory front and center for the world to see.

Our team also got to see the enormous remodeling of University of Indianapolis’s Lilly Hall and Martin Hall. As the university redistributed departments to various buildings and added a new area of study, DELV’s job was to redesign the existing rooms to fit their future purposes. They were crunched for time, making sure students could return to school when fall rolled around, but were able to complete the job and even update some of the technology that was going out of date.

A year before that, DELV worked on the renovation and planning of 12 Stars Media’s office space. They took the blank canvas of a new property and transformed it into a fun and functional workspace that reflected company values while tailoring workspaces to maximize efficiency for the world of video production.

None of these projects required a certain type of architect—just one that understood the client’s needs and was willing to put in the effort to make a space that suited their business. That effort shows through in each of the unique images we got on these projects. Each photograph shows that the space was created for that business—not picked out from three “cookie cutter” blueprints.

And we like to think we have a similar philosophy. To get good photographs for your business, you don’t necessarily need a big name photographer from a big city. All you need is a photographer who can listen to your needs and tailor their photography to your goals and brand.

If you have a marketing/advertising goal for your company but are lacking the photography that speaks to the quality of your business, email us at to start on a quote or just ask us some questions!

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