Curran Architecture at Prairie Waters

May 17th, 2023/Architecture, Exterior, Interior/

Once again, Curran Architecture has a new project for us to show off! Shawn Curran is one of Lesle’s longest business contacts in the architecture space. Our subject for this project was the Prairie Waters Funeral Home and event space. The client wanted interior and exterior shots of the space, but some difficulty arose in scheduling the project’s completion. The exterior images were simply to arrange, as we chose a day October while the weather was nice. However, the interior of the funeral home would need to be available for its designated purpose on short notice, making this a “last-minute” project of sorts. It wasn’t realistic to plan more than one week ahead to set up for images in the space. We worked together with the client to quickly capture the funeral home interiors during an unoccupied day.

As for the event space, it was very large and naturally more challenging to photograph. This space can fit about 100 people and can be used to hold memorials, weddings, and other events. Lesle’s approach was to photograph the space in chunks and lay it together seamlessly in post- production. There was also a bridal suite and entryway, which we made sure to shoot while we were at the event space. Despite those logistical difficulties, photographing this project was enjoyable thanks to the many beautiful design features that reflected the name “Prairie Waters,” such as a water-themed lighting fixture and a reflective tile wall. Lesle chose to use a close angle when featuring the tile wall and light fixture, reducing the amount of unwanted reflection and glare.

Patient scheduling and attention to detail as we highlighted expansive spaces and smaller features led to some beautiful results. It’s always a pleasure working with Curran Architecture!

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