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December 13th, 2017/Architecture, Industrial/

Hello readers of the Studio 13 Journal!

As you’ve probably noticed in our Client Spotlights, a lot of the projects we work on are in the realm of construction and architecture. They love to hire us to showcase their work because they shine through in the finished product of commercial and residential buildings. But there is another part of this industry that works behind the scenes, and we are glad to showcase today: Engineers!

Most of the work that engineers do in creating a building comes early in the construction process; they create underlying structures on paper and make sure what they create will hold up under the pressure of physics (and building codes). It is difficult to capture photography of what engineers do, because by the time the building is finished, their work is all covered up!

Our Client Spotlight this week focuses on Complete Structural Consulting. CSC is fast growing engineering consulting firm based in Indianapolis with offices in Virginia, Florida and soon in Colorado. Our friend Rob Brown with the Indiana Pacers referred us for this job and put us in contact with the owner, Mike Roach, and marketing director, Kim Fredricks. Once pre-production meetings finished and quotes were approved, they sent us to, one of their most recent—and still unfinished—projects: The Riverview Health Building in Westfield.

The important part of this job was coming in early. Construction waits for no photographer, so if the deadlines for the building move forward, we miss the creativity and precision of the CSC’s work beneath extra drywall and decor.

This building let us showcase their work the best, as we were able to capture the raw steel beams that begin the construction process. Usually, the beauty in photography is obvious, but when it comes to dirt and construction metals, you really have to look for it. The beauty comes from the dynamic angles of the beams and the contrast in colors and textures. It’s a type of photography Lesle has been doing since early in her career and she loves it.

Next we went to the Regenstrief Institute for Health Research building, a project that is complete and owner occupied. The three-story floating staircase found in the center of this building is a beauty and the hallmark of CSC’s work, but made for the most challenging shot of the day. Trying to put the expanse of multiple levels and keep the stairs in context with the rest of the floor is tricky for any photographer. Add to that the different color of lights (between the building lights and natural, window light) and every bit of this shot had to be planned and adjusted for the perfect balance.

Lesle and the team also got to capture the details that often go overlooked in a building with a large design and big aspirations. How stair railings fit together, each connector, rivet nut, and ­­­bolt are all such small details they often aren’t featured in photography projects. We all take for granted that these things will give the user support and stability, but in reality, it’s the in depth planning engineers do in these details that keeps us all safe.

We were so glad to get to work with Complete Structural Consultants to display these projects—to provide a picture of the art and function of their job for marketing and office decorating purposes. We can’t wait the day we can travel to IU Dental School and photograph the two pedestrian bridges they created there.

Thanks everyone for reading, and have a happy holiday season!

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