Now that February is over and March is coming on fast, we are eagerly awaiting spring—dare we say summer—which signals architectural season is coming! Blue skies and sunny days will (eventually) mean that those buildings have great lighting and backdrops for architectural photography. And yet, even in the winter months there is one type of architecture that we keep on shooting: interiors!

For this week’s client spotlight, we are featuring a shoot at an expansion of the Alfa Laval building which was completed by Lauth Group. We’ve enjoyed working Lauth for a few years now, and they’ve been a stellar client. Lauth is a development and construction firm that’s been operating in Indiana since 1977.  In addition to construction Lauth’s services also  include property management and facility maintenance, making corporate building construction and ownership accessible to every type of business.

On the flip side of this project, their client was Alfa Laval, an international industrial supplies distributer. Alfa Laval has a reach into just about every industry imaginable; they provide manufacturing and processing solutions for biotechnology, food and beverage, HVAC, transportation, and more. One of their many distribution and service centers is housed right here is central Indiana—but we wouldn’t have complained about traveling to photograph their headquarters in Sweden!

Lauth’s renovation and expansion of the Alfa Laval facility was in two areas. In the front of the building, the project included the lobby area, offices and conference space, an outdoor common area, and a break room.  Then, in the back area of the building, Lauth completed a large and efficient shipping, logistics, and hazardous materials area. And as you can imagine, the break room and hazardous materials area look very different from each other!

Because of the wide variety of locations in this one facility, the photographic challenge was a constant change in lighting. The office area was primarily florescent with daylight streaming through the windows while the warehouse space had a mixed lighting situation: both florescent and sodium vapor lighting made for a unique space to shoot. To make sure that we got a consistent look throughout the building, the team had to be purposeful about color balance, mindful about what supplemental lighting we added to the images and lastly tweaking any color shifts in post-production. These are the things we love about what we do!

With the different spaces we shot that day, it’s almost like we got to shoot a variety of interior architecture projects all in one building while giving the client consistency throughout the entire facility. It was a great day for architecture and hopefully the weather will break soon giving way to exteriors.  Come on spring!