Creative Construction with Curran and Co.

August 26th, 2020/Exterior, Interior/

When talented, hard-working people come together for a singular goal, the outcome is inevitably going to be something special. We recently witnessed this very principle in action! One of the most anticipated construction completions for this summer was the Hub and Spoke project in Fishers. Hub and Spoke is a unique 94,000 square foot master-planned mixed-use development and partnership with the City of Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern Schools, and Purdue Polytechnic High School. This unique partnership is creating better opportunities and helping kids and adults discover their passions and learn the skills needed to live a successful and purpose-driven life.

The road to working this job was one we certainly didn’t travel alone! Upon finding out that one of our current clients, Curran Architecture, was the lead on this project, we immediately checked in with their agency Pivot Marketing for a chance to bid on the photography. Curran is a client-oriented architecture firm responsible for designing retail, franchise, corporate, medical, industrial, and mixed-use spaces for businesses across the nation. Their agency, Pivot Marketing, is a modern firm dedicated to helping developers, city planners, marketers, and entrepreneurs find and communicate their competitive edge. We were thrilled when Meyer and Najem joined the party and allowed us to capture the building for for their advertising purposes also. Meyer and
Najem is a construction partnership firm, serving clients through construction management, design-build services, and general contracting.

Meeting the deadline for award submissions like the AIA Indiana design submissions is always a race because we have to wait until the landscaping is mature enough to photograph, and then we must dodge the unpredictable Indiana weather! Consequently, this project was photographed over the course of three trips to the site, two for exteriors and then one interior day. It was so wonderful to see the use of different textures and materials to create dimension.

The interiors, designed by Parallel Design Group, exhibited extraordinary attention to detail and brought a bright, airy, and artistic feel. This powerful collaboration between businesses made our award-submission photoshoot an amazing experience. It was truly a great project to participate in!

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