Creative Church Design with Catalyst Construction

July 15th, 2021/Architecture, Interior/

Photographing churches has become a staple of Studio 13, and we love it! The design and construction of places of worship has evolved so much over the years. It has reached the point where these facilities are not only a location for worship services, but also for education, networking at the café, and even functioning as concert venues! It should be no surprise, then, that when our long-time friend Todd Stacy of Catalyst Construction gave us a call to photograph the new Heartland Church in Fishers, we jumped at the chance. 

Catalyst Construction specializes in taking construction projects from the planning stage all the way to wrapping up the post-construction details. With a commitment to implementing sustainable construction practices, Catalyst thinks beyond the steel and concrete and emphasizes the importance of functionality and the relationship of the space to the environment around it.  The Heartland Church project is a 25-acre site development with 68,000 square feet of space. As we walked through the massive church, it’s easy to see why the building of Heartland has been more than two years in the making!  With expansive ceilings, immense windows, and plants that reach the full gamut of space, no detail was left unnoticed.  The creativity in design and execution was architecturally stimulating, but maintained a welcoming feel.

Congratulations to all those involved in such a gorgeous ground-up construction project!

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