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October 25th, 2017/Corporate Portraiture/

Happy Wednesday everybody! Fall is in full swing and leaves are starting to fall on the ground—just like it inevitably does every year. In this week’s Journal, we take you with us on a job where our client expected the same consistency from us as the seasons.

If you are a faithful, long-term follower of our blog, you might remember over two years ago an article about the girl power over at CORE Planning Strategies (I will not link to that blog because my writing then was incredibly cheesy. Search for it at your own risk). Like so many of our clients, the ladies at CORE have been long and loyal to us and we’ve provided consistent results for them, whether a new project or small updates to fit with their marketing strategy.

After photographing their headshots and group portraits while they were rebranding and designing a new website in 2015, CORE’s staff changed around—one former project manager even started working with Indianapolis’ Mayor, Joe Hogsett! This is all very exciting, but makes for outdated images. That’s where we come in.

Usually, when Lesle, our head photographer, knows she will need to replicate images she’ll write down everything. She’ll keep track of the f-stop, shutter speed, height of the tripod, distance from the subjects, power setting on the lights, lens selection, even down to the specific furniture used for posing. Two years ago, we would have no clue what the future would hold, and none of that information was recorded. We had to start from scratch.

So we travelled back to the Thomas Caterer’s of Distinction D’amore Ballroom atop the Sales Force Tower. And this time, when we came to update staff pictures, Deb Kunce, the Lead Strategist, wanted a variety of poses and arrangements so that if any staff member were to take a different path in their career, or a new member would be hired on, and the images be able to still reflect correct staff with little to no manipulation.

Our job that day was to provide CORE with the consistency we give all clients—in a more extreme way than most clients require. They needed our images to fit where the old ones did in their website—just a slight mistake in framing the image makes for a bump in the website viewing experience. But with a little tinkering and a day dedicated to getting the job done right, the only thing anybody could notice has changed in 2 years is the name of the building we did the photography in!

So whether you want a completely new look for your corporate photography or you want something that will blend in with you current marketing materials give Studio 13 a call!

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