We told you to expect more from this wonderful new client! For this project, RealAmerica was looking to build a tool kit of images featuring a variety of families and spaces that they could rotate through their collateral material. Naturally, we at Studio 13 were happy to work with them once again.

If you remember from our last project with them, RealAmerica is a WBE-certified company which was originally created for the purpose of designing and creating apartment housing, but they have grown to encompass so much more! Besides working on portfolio projects such as renovating urban buildings or redesigning communities, RealAmerica also does consulting to help others realize their design visions.

This project took a great deal of coordination, but with their new director of marketing Stephanie Michaels bringing years of experience to the table, RealAmerica did an amazing job coordinating everything. Besides setting up the ability to shoot in Daleville, Stephanie conducted the talent search, procured hair and makeup for the shoot, and handled the overall scheduling. This sort of shoot would be complex under normal circumstances, but working around COVID-19 added some issues.

We kept our team as small as possible, and Stephanie only scheduled people who were related to one another for each 2-hour time slot. What this also meant was that we had to set up four different looks–four different times in order to keep everyone safe and appropriately distanced. To make this happen, we did a pre-light process the day before and our team worked to diagram and mark the floor for where lights would need to be for each setup the next day. Planning ahead like this allowed us to meet the goals of RealAmerica and give them a large number of variations under some very unique constraints.

Nothing is impossible! It just requires some great coordination and teamwork.