Celebrating Accomplishments with CE Solutions

May 15th, 2023/Corporate Portraiture/

CE Solutions is a structural engineering firm celebrating its 25th anniversary of operation, and we were pleased to be included in the festivities! Namely, the company recently moved into a new location and wanted to update all employee headshots to have the background of the new building. CE Solutions is a long-time client who graciously refers us to many of their business contacts on a regular basis, and we are so grateful for such a wonderful network.

Heather Cox, the Vice President at CE Solutions and a generally amazing human, acted as our contact and helped us arrange the shoot. We used the holiday season to scout out the location and find a spot we liked for the shoot. The client was wanting some headshots where the team members could look more relaxed (when it was appropriate for their role). There has been an increasing trend of people not looking at the camera for their headshots in an effort to capture more candid-looking images, and the CE Solutions team wanted to try this out. Though this is not normally within our style, we always want to make our clients happy, so we captured a mix of “looking” and “not-looking” shots. The more formal shots, where the members were looking at the camera, would be used for proposals; the more relaxed, candid-style shots were an option to use on the website if the subject of the photo liked the posing better.

The key to this project was flexibility and adaptability. Our client had some creative ideas, and we were pleased to be able to integrate those ideas and produce a great result. Around the time of this posting, we are returning to CE Solutions to get an outdoor group shot of the entire team (weather permitting, of course). Always a pleasure to work with a long-time client!

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