We have the privilege of gaining new clients in so many ways. Sometimes a current client will refer their network to us, which we always love. But sometimes, someone who works for a current client changes jobs and brings us along to a new company! That’s exactly what happened for our project with this week’s client spotlight: CE Solutions.

CE Solutions is an international structural engineering firm based in the growing Indianapolis suburb of Carmel. The company has worked in alongside companies all over the world for over 20 years and provides services for commercial, residential, healthcare, and industrial buildings.  CE Solutions’ team works to build care and trust in their personal relationships which leads to peace of mind and successful outcomes for their clients.

We were first approached for this project by Heather Cox, the director of marketing and client relations at CE Solutions. We previously worked with Heather while she worked at another company, and when her career path changed and her new company needed photography, she knew just who to call!

CE Solutions decided to update their staff photographs on their website—they had a few new employees who would need headshots that coordinated with the long-time staff and the group shot also needed to incorporate these new members. The team decided on an outdoor environmental look that included lots of natural diffuse light and casual posing for a professional yet approachable vibe.

Do you remember when it rained every day in June? Yeah, that’s when we scheduled this shoot. And rescheduled. The hardest part of this job was trying to coordinate with the weather! Finally, we scheduled for a Monday morning, when the entire CE team was in the office. That weekend we kept one eye on the weather, and although there was a chance it would rain on us, we decided to go for it.

With our generator in one hand and an umbrella in the other, we pushed through a speedy quick job. Having an assistant on this job was a must—he made things go so much quicker from shot to shot and helped us dodge a few raindrops. We were able to knock out the group photo first and then capture a couple poses of each new employee while staying (mostly) dry.

The conditions for this shoot weren’t perfect, but it takes more than a little rain to keep us down! We got some great images (overcast skies make for great indirect light) and we got to catch up with a long-time contact. We can’t wait to see where our relationship with CE Solutions goes next!