Merry Thursday and a Happy Holidays from the team here at Studio13! Now that we are all getting back from the holiday work break, we are here to shine our Client Spotlight on a new client of ours: Banks and Brower Attorneys at Law.

Banks and Brower is a defense attorney firm based out of central Indianapolis. Its founders, Brad Banks and Adam Brower have impressive resumes, including experiences on both sides of the courtroom in a combined six areas of criminal defense practice. These two, along with four more attorneys and support staff members, make it their job to give Hoosier citizens who have been charged with a crime the best defense when it comes time for a trial.

This year, Brad and Adam decided that it was time for their firm to have updated headshots and website/marketing images. So they contracted a California based marketing agency, I-Lawyer Marketing, who specializes in helping law firms meet their advertising goals. Once the marketing plan was finalized, the firm contacted three photographers who they felt could accomplish the photography they needed.

Usually at this point, all the photographers would put in bids and whichever number the client approved of would be the one who shot the job. But this job was a little different. Of the three photographers, Lesle responded first. As with all clients, she arranged a face-to-face meeting, to better assess the client’s needs and make an accurate bid for them. We later found out, this made Lesle the standout photographer in their mind.

Of course, bids were submitted and Lesle’s bid was, in the end, accepted. Since the environment of the law office was not conducive to the style that Brad and Adam envisioned, she was tasked with finding a suitable location for the shoot. She landed on the picturesque Central Library in downtown Indianapolis.

The majority of this job was corporate portraiture; the images we captured were focused on the attorney’s and partners of the firm. The large windows at the library allowed for wonderful natural light that needed to be supplemented and balanced with strobe lights. This fulfilled the client’s desire for a light, bright, and airy look that the ad agency requested.

Throughout the job, the client told Lesle that a factor he appreciated when considering her was her preemptive communication; from responding to their inquiry on the same day, to a personal, pre-bid meeting, to openly setting her plan for their images and sticking to it. She always works hard to provide the best experience for her clients, and on this shoot, it was nice to hear what difference that effort made in this particular case.

The images the team shot that day will be used for a website update, billboards, brochures, and digital marketing efforts. The team plans on growing in the next year, so we hope to revisit the project whenever they need us again!