Back to School with Pepper Construction

November 30th, 2022/Architecture, Interior/

We love to travel to whatever location our client’s project takes them (and us!). This time we ended up in the beautiful town of Aurora, Indiana. Our mission was to capture some images of the renovation of a school’s extracurricular spaces. Our client, Pepper Construction, was responsible for the beautiful renovation. Pepper has a mission to continuously improve people’s quality of life through the built world, and executes this vision by emphasizing safety, integrity, and stewardship of resources. Pepper’s renovations of the school included a variety of spaces such as the natatorium, greenhouse, auditorium, choir room, and band room.

Timing was important for this project, as we had to schedule our session while school was still out of session but after the renovation was completely done. Having worked out the logistics, we captured multiple angles of the renovations and provided options to the clients which maximized the impact of the big spaces. The problem with big spaces, however, is that there’s nowhere to hide yourself or the lighting! Lesle focused on using clever angles and relied on her experience with unusual spaces to make the photos work.

Pepper was present throughout the project to be a liaison between the school and us, all while acting as the art director for what the photos should look like. Thanks to our shared values of collaboration and producing high-quality results, everyone was happy with how the images turned out!

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