As if living the dream life of shooting architecture wasn’t enough to take the day from good to great, we also got our next favorite subjects for this shoot: Animals! Lesle is very much a “dog person,” and having adopted her own baby boy Jasper from the Hamilton County Humane Society, it was a unique pleasure to come alongside Shawn Curran and the entire team at Curran Architecture for this fun shoot.

Curran Architecture designs all sorts of spaces for businesses across the nations. Curran works with a lot of new builds, remodeling, and build-outs, as well as working in the realm of historic preservation. We’ve worked with them several times before, so you might recognize the name by now! (You can check out some of our previous projects here and here.)

Curran’s work with the Hamilton County Humane Society (HCHS) is worth highlighting. What makes the HCHS special (besides rescuing animals and finding them their “furever” homes) is their No-Kill philosophy. This means that they strive for the ideal that 100% of the animals in their care who are able to be treated (medical) or rehabilitated (behavior)—regardless of factors like age, breed, special medical needs, or disabilities—are protected, cared for, and available for adoption into a good home. Their incredibly high placement rate indicates that this philosophy has been successful, protecting a great many animals who otherwise never would have found a loving family.

Our aim for this shoot was to capture images that would show off the beautiful design of the space and the amazing facets of the architecture, but we also wanted to highlight the educational component of the project. HCHS now has reading programs with elementary students who come in and read to the animals. It is fabulous program for everyone involved: it builds a love of animals in the children, it gives the animals needed socialization, and the children can practice reading without feeling any pressure, because the animals don’t care if the children read slowly or struggle with the words!

Not only are we thrilled with the images produced, but it was a fulfilling and gratifying day all